Short version:

Analog        Humanized        Cats        Synthesized        Chance        909        Aggression       Machines      

Slightly longer version:

Making techno for me is creating a correlated analog live mayhem in my studio and cherry picking the sparkles from that. Knobs are made to meddle with! The more non-conformistic and random the approach, the bigger the chance to bump into these lucky accidents that make a track exceptional. Expect raw crispy polyrhythmic rooted elements and a massive low end.

As a young boy, I was interested in knobs and faders. Playing with transmitters, taping from radio, building mixtapes and at the age of 16, I started working as a host and technical guy at a local radio station, playing as much techno music as the local community could handle. That slowly turned into DJ’ing with vinyl, and a new addiction was born; hours and hours in the record stores digging for the best techno vinyl’s and DJ-ing at home until the neighborhood started complaining.

To pay for my sweet and expensive vinyl addiction/habit, I started working in a big techno club. It would be cool if I could say as a flamboyant bartender or a muscular dancer, but I was simply collecting empty glasses. Still, it was very inspiring to have a lazy job listening to sets from DJs like Carl Cox, Ritchie Hawtin, Underworld, Vince Watson, Dubfire and Secret Cinema all night long. In the meantime, my mixing skills were up to date, and within a year I had weekly gigs in the Netherlands myself – even a few abroad.

I also had other passions in life to pursue, like building a business, kickboxing and starting a family. Fatherhood has taught me many new things, like how kids can show us the world is actually one big playground. That spurred me on to accept the big “fuck it all” in my brain, and to do what I enjoy the most: sharing my passion through techno machines.

The next step is now! Everything is about music again. A study at the conservatory in Amsterdam, solo releases and ready to rumble with my new live setup and DJ sets.